Ecomax Tiger Veggie Scrubber Small


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Small Tiger Vegie Brush 

– Coconut fibre from the husk of the coconut 

– Galvanished wire so it never rusts 

– Vegan 

– Dishwasher Safe 

– Use the centre for cleaning potatoes & the soft edges for fruits 


Ethically handmade in Sri Lanka biodegradable, environmentally-friendly and 100% natural vegetable fibres 


Care: Rinse and hang to dry 


Benefits of Coconut Fibre 

– Naturally anti-bacterial : won’t become smelly and mouldy 

– Chemical Free : safe for all the family 

– Long Lasting : bristles don’t bend and flatten like nylon bristles do 

– No Micro Plastics : natural plant fibre so doesn’t pollute our waterways 

– Biodegradable : at the end of its life will breakdown naturally